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Experience Exceptional Coffee: Top 3 Cafes in Weymouth
Experience Exceptional Coffee: Top 3 Cafes in Weymouth
Experience Exceptional Coffee: Top 3 Cafes in Weymouth

Published on: 08/30/2023


In this article, we will be introducing three cafes located in Weymouth. If you've already had the pleasure of visiting any of them, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.
1. Ma Reilly's
  • Address: 90 Pond St, Weymouth, MA 02190
  • Phone: (781) 331-3860
  • Desc: Cafes, Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch

Words from the Owner

The business started to address the need locally for a cafe where people could gather and have a chat with coffee, sandwiches, and other accompaniments. It now bakes in house and serves a variety of muffins, scones, Irish soda breads and other creative items daily.

Ma'Reilly's is a beloved local eatery located in Weymouth, known for its breakfast sandwiches, delightful lunch options, and a variety of baked goodies. The establishment stands out not just for its delicious food and drink offerings, but also for its warm, friendly staff, led by the sweet and ever-helpful Linda. The eatery also offers a selection of packaged items imported directly from Ireland. With a bustling yet comfortable ambiance, Ma'Reilly's is a popular spot for both regulars and newcomers looking for a satisfying meal or a quick, tasty treat. The place has a small seating area for those wanting to enjoy their food and drink in a cozy setting before starting their day.

Popular Dishes

2. The Red Rose Cafe
  • Address: 800 Broad St, Weymouth, MA 02189
  • Phone: (781) 337-3322
  • Desc: Cafes, American (New), Pizza

Welcome to an exciting new addition to the South Shore bar pizza scene, known for its delicious pizza and friendly atmosphere. This cash-only bar may appear intimidating at first, but you'll soon find yourself at ease with the welcoming staff and patrons. With a pizza that rivals established favorites, this place is quickly making a name for itself. The homemade dough and careful preparation make their bar pie a standout, especially when well-done and topped with mushrooms. The lively scene is further enhanced by Woody, the talented kitchen maestro, and the occasionally featured live music. Whether you're a fan of 80's disco or country, you're bound to have a memorable experience.

3. Everyday Cafe
  • Address: 374 Bridge St, Weymouth, MA 02191
  • Phone: (781) 337-9300
  • Desc: Coffee & Tea, Cafes

The café in Weymouth is a delightful spot known for its exceptional coffee and delectable lunch sandwiches. Conveniently located for locals and visitors alike, it's a preferred alternative to chain establishments, offering robust, flavorful coffee and a standout Tuscan chicken sandwich. The café's efficient and friendly staff further enhance the overall experience, making it a must-visit place for a casual, satisfying meal.

So, what do you think of them? Come and choose your favorite one and have a try!

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