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At Kensa, we believe successful home inspections are inclusive and collaborative, and that true collaboration is built upon mutual trust. We work hard to understand and appreciate the goals and priorities of everyone involved. And when you work with us, you’ll feel comfortable, informed, and included, because we believe that’s how the right decisions are made. It is an honor to support the purchasing and selling of houses that will eventually become homes and we are fueled by the privilege of this responsibility.

What's In A Name? - 'ken · sa' - Being inclusive and making sure everyone we work with feels a sense of belonging are values we hold dear. So, when it came time to name our home inspection business, we took inspiration from cultures all around the world well beyond our own. Our name, Kensa, has many meanings across the world that speak to what we do. Kensa literally means inspection in Japanese, and we genuinely connected with the associations to well-organized, precise, efficient, and high quality processes. We are hyper-customer-focused, so the Cornish translation of "first" speaks to how we prioritize our client throughout the inspection process. Finally, "sa" can be found in ancient hieroglyphics as a symbol for protection, which is how we view our role as inspector - to protect home buyers and their investment by empowering them with knowledge.

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Opening Hours

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Saturday 08:00 am to 06:00 pm

Meet the Owner

Profle Picture Ken Ray Owner

The Road To Home Inspection...

It might not seem obvious how a background in Information Technology and experience working at a social service Non-Profit would make for a best-in-class home inspector, but it turned out to be the perfect recipe.

In IT, Ken had a disciplined focus on customer experience and a methodical process for identifying and solving problems. In ... more

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